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High Grade Natural Jaggery

Partner with us for continuous supply of Natural Jaggery, spices & spice mixtures that pack flavours & stay fresher for a long time..

About Us

India, also called 'home of spices', commands an invincible spot in the world spice trade, given to its favourable climatic conditions, sufficient rainfall & water in dams, organic farming techniques and production of 75-109 varieties. The country produces around 7.08 million tonnes of spice a year, making it a largest producer worldwide. Of many spices and spice mixture producers, Swastik Enterprises is one name from one of the major spice producing India states- Maharashtra, where turmeric, chilli and garlic,Natural Jaggery are majorly produced. The manufacturer & supplier makes available Spices, like Cardamom, Cinnamon, Chilli and Turmeric; and Spice Mixes, like Garam Masala, Pav Bhaji Masala and Sambar Masala. These are valued as an indispensable ingredients in culinary to add flavor and aroma. Apart from sterilizing, grinding, blending and packaging spices and spice mixes, our company also makes available Natural Jaggery.

In fours years of business operations, the founder and promoter Mr. Sushant Ramesh Dagare efficiently handled the competition, found real buyers and made sure the objectives are achieved and everything went according to the strategies. Slowly and steadily, our company became a reliable partner to many customers.